• The Good Shepherd and His Sheep!

    It is a good thing to be a sheep!  Let me explain.  This world will say that if you are a sheep, then you are a mindless follower of the system.  But this is the evil one taking what is good and turning a good thing into a bad thing.  Jesus taught us that he […]

  • You are Not Alone

    Plain and simple what we all are experiencing in our world is a battle.  The unseen forces of good and evil are at work.  It’s time for everyone to make a decision. It’s time to choose who you will serve.  Who will you trust?  Who will you listen to?  Who will you follow?  God                                     Satan […]

  • Find Peace in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    Everyday it seems that there are things happening around the world that line up with biblical prophecy.  The signs of the last days are becoming more and more frequent just as stated in the Bible.  See our blog post signs of the end. Not only the current disasters unfolding in Afghanistan, the threat of Iran […]

  • PRAY!!! Daily and Often

    Pray now, pray every single day, pray throughout every day that you have left on this earth.  The Lord will hear your prayers.  Every day we are seeing major changes to life as we once knew it. We are in the last days, the beginning of sorrows.  See link Signs of Jesus Return. Protect your […]

  • Who Do You Trust?

    What a relevant scripture in times like these.  We must trust in the Lord our God.  Although we may not understand everything, God is in control.  When we acknowledge him, then he directs our path. We should trust the Lord with all aspects of our lives.  But what about our health?  Who should we trust?  […]

  • Signs of Jesus Return

    The world is changing at a rapid pace. It seems like everyday we see signs pointing to the return of our Savior Jesus Christ. See the Are you Ready link. The regular news media is only covering their agenda so please seek out other sources. Also, there is a lot of censorship in social media now. […]

  • Prepare, Purify, The King is Coming!

    Prepare Do you feel the urgency to prepare?  We do!  Jesus is coming.  He is coming for his people. We need to be ready, watching and waiting. What do we need to do to prepare?  We need to draw closer to the Lord.  Listen to his voice. Study. Pray.  We need to get our spiritual […]

  • Make a Life Change Today!

    Are you ready to make a life altering change?  Are you ready of peace?  Are you ready to trust and not worry about the world and its crumbling events?  Are you ready to rest your mind and soul? Is the answer is YES! There is hope in Jesus Christ.  There is refuge in Jesus Christ. There is truth in Jesus Christ. There […]